Hello and welcome to BZB Creative! I'm Melissa, the etchist. 
(I made that word up)

I'm so excited to work with you to create something truly unique and meaningful!

Feel free to look around - don't worry, nothing is breakable here. Once you bring it home, well, it's glass. 

Unique, personalized gifts for any occasion!

Don't you just love when you give a gift that is truly unique and meaningful? My joy is helping you create that 'nailed it!' moment when your loved one opens such a thoughtful gift. You can't go wrong with our fantastic variety of one-of-a-kind treasures and tested favorites. Every item is custom designed and carefully hand etched to create your piece.



(items I've already finished and sold - i'm proud of each of these and each has its own story)


(items I've done just because I've wanted to.)

Custom Work

(custom orders of all shapes, sizes and colors!)

Holiday Collection

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BZB Creative LLC

Glass etching studio

unique, personalized gifts

of art and function.