Enjoy that 'nailed it!' feeling you get when you've just given the PERFECT gift. 

You can't go wrong with our fantastic variety of one-of-a-kind treasures and tested favorites. Every item is custom designed and carefully hand etched to create your piece.

Completed pieces beautifully etched and ready to be loved. All items in our shop can be personalized if you'd like!

Blank canvases ready for your design. Some are one of a kind or limited quantity; many are available in large quantities for corporate gifts and logo ware.


"I knew what I wanted to be included but couldn't put it together in a completed project. She took my disjointed ideas and produced a priceless piece. I highly recommend BZB Creative!"

“I just gave my friend her elephant light. She loved loved loved it!!! She opened it and said ‘SHUT UP!!’ LOL”

Angie M.

"I've ordered a couple things now and have been very happy with them. Beautiful workmanship."

Donnalee P.

Anna R.


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