Melissa means 'honey bee' - known for its strong work ethic as well as appreciating the importance of stopping and smelling the flowers. Bees remind us to focus and work hard, while still taking time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. It's all about balance!

BZB Creative LLC is my way of finding that delicate balance between industry and art, work and play.

The etching started when Lynn bought a dremel. My eyes lit up when I learned that it could etch glass. When he suggested I make his birthday present with this new toy, he gave me the motivation I needed to try something new. 


Etching glass requires a tremendous amount of patience and focus. I love the tool's 'buzz;' the slow, focused movements of the burr. It is cathartic and I am hooked.

Peeping Puppy

Here's a peek into the studio and etching process